FRESH: ‘Be Your Own King’ – Roxley

Roxley debuts with “Be Your Own King”

Electro Pop

Australian singer and songwriter Benjamin Tenison has adopted the moniker of ‘Roxley’ to launch his music career and he does so with style and class with his debut release, “Be Your Own King”.

With a cool, funky electro backing track to ‘buzz’ from, Roxley urges you to believe in yourself and make your own decisions. Take control and above all, be your own king!

The song itself is about Roxley’s personal journey to self-love and confidence. The goal of releasing this single is to inspire men (and women) around the world to believe in their potential and do the work to fulfil their dreams. He hopes that it will raise awareness for men’s mental health and inspire men struggling with self-doubt, feeling underappreciated and struggling with the stressors life throws at them, to speak up, seek help and support and stand together to accomplish the goals and inspire their brothers to do the same.

Roxley adds: “Our men shouldn’t feel like they have to do it all on their own. It is time for men to take care of themselves, chase their dreams and support one another. I was deeply saddened by how much I tortured myself. The Judgments I had about myself were crippling. I had non self-confidence and lacked a voice”. This is a superb first outing for his new opening and we look forward to more great tunes to come from this young and clearly enormously talented artist. Go foward into 2021 and, be your own king!…

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