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FRESH: ‘Lonely Life’ – Adam Brookes feat. Compa Cut

Adam Brookes teams with Compa Cut for “Lonely Life”


Former Dangermaker singer Adam Brookes has broken free and branched out alone with his new solo project which takes a different sound and it starts with “Lonely Life”.

For the appropriately titled track, Adam hooks up with MC, Compa Cut who provides the ‘rap’ in the middle-eight for this very synth driven track which has no hard beats.

The guitars and the sulty synth layers are all present for that retro sound but this is almost a whisper of a track which repeats the lyrical message in which Adam reflects on changing times and whether or not he has something to lose now. He finds himself questioning and grappling with what exactly that might be. “Lonely Life” is the first taster of Adam’s debut solo album, due out later in 2021 and if this is anything to go by, it will be a very different experience from anything Adam has delivered previously.

Born in Los Angeles, Adam began seriously writing and recording music in San Francisco around 1999 with a collection of cheap instruments and a four-track Tascam cassette recorder in the closet of his creaky old apartment. After several short-lived projects he formed indie pop band Dangermaker and music quickly went from pastime to obsession as he dealt with the sudden death of his father during the first week of tracking their debut album. The experience plunged him further into his art with a sense of urgency, eventually emerging with a euphoric sound that defined Dangermakers presence.

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