FRESH: ‘Wish You Weren’t Here’ – Juze

Juze says “Wish You Weren’t Here”

Electro Pop

Amsterdam based German singer Juze storms back with his brand new single, “Wish You Weren’t Here”, a lush electro pop track with a deep addictive hook and cool yet restrained lyrics.

Juze’s sound is magical and sublime whilst never going over the top and he’s demonstrated that many times since his debut with “Ocaso” in 2016.

Since then, Juze has been fine tuning his output and his own creativity time and time again. Having cumulated over several million streams, his first single of 2020, “Shut Your Mouth (And Dance)”, has surpassed one million alone. For the first time ever he lent his voice to “Three Words” as a background vocalist. It is co-written by the Companions who gathered more than 280 million streams and went Platinum in the Netherlands very recently with Maan’s “Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht” as well as by René Miller, who co-wrote “Breaking Me” by Topic and A7S (several times Platinum) and Zoe Wees’ “Control” (currently Spotify Global Top 50 Viral).

With one track already out of 2021 (“Next To Me”), Juze quickly follows that song with something of a kickback to experiences he himself has encountered in his own life, as he told us recently: “Do you remember the last time when you had a great idea and some one from your close circle just ruined the mood with his negativity? Yes? Well then you will relate to my new song. It’s bold confrontation with exactly those people. There are many people not believing in things you love and believe in, but that’s not a problem as long as you stop caring but those comments and walk away – your way. Your happy place”.

“I had several of those confrontations – although my parents are very supportive and are always there for me, they do not understand my passion in music. Every time I hear: “When are you looking for a real job”. They are not the only ones. I had many people in my life laughing about me being an artist, being a singer…” maybe it’s time for moving on then?”. With a solid back catalogue of material and the success he has already garnered, 2021 should see Juze push his presence farther and wider and “Wish You Weren’t Here” is certainly the song that will go that mile.

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