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FRESH: ‘In This Body’ – Paola Bennet

Paola Bennet reveals “In This Body”

Pop-Rock, Indie-Pop

Brooklyn based singer Paola Bennet opens up and reveals her inner most thoughts and feeling with her brand new single, “In This Body”, the first from her upcoming EP, “Maybe The Light”.

“In This Body” is an acoustic, soft rock pop song with a stunning hook and bass that reverberates early 90’s Country/Rock Pop hits with Paola’s sweet, heartfelt vocals.

Paola tells us: “‘In This Body’ is a dark, melancholy snapshot of my experience with chronic illness. It spotlights that sense of being a stranger in your own body, and having your very real pain questioned by people around you. Haunting vocals lift the electric, kick-driven production, building steadily until the howling, caustic outro: “Say I’m fine, I feel crazy / Don’t call me crazy”. This song sheds light on how exhausting it can be not just to have a chronic illness, but to second-guess yourself over and over”.

Paola debuted with her EP “The Shoebox” in 2017 and released her second, “Honeychild”, last year. Her honest approach and often self experience manifests in her words and the story she tells in each of her creations, often reflecting on mental health which Paola adds: “​When no one can tell you’re in pain by looking at you, you doubt your instincts. I wanted to express that loss of trust in myself and the isolation I felt when people around me ignored or explained away my very real experience”.

The native Bostonian and now longtime Brooklyn-ite has made the rounds at New York venues including Mercury Lounge, SoHo House and Rockwood Music Hall. In May 2020, Paola won a competing spot in 7 Layers’ ​Still Quarantined​ festival, playing alongside indie greats like Harrison Storm and Jake Isaac. In November, she set and fulfilled a challenge to write 30 songs in 30 days(!), drawing thousands of new listeners on social media.

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