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FRESH: ‘Crazy’ – Will Newman

Will Newman goes “Crazy”!

Synth Pop

Solid synth, retro vibes are assured with Will Newman’s sublime new single, “Crazy”, his first new material of 2021, which is the first to come from his long awaited debut album.

The British singer and songwriter, who debuted in 2018, had a busy 2020 releasing six tracks and writing and recording his first long player remotely.

“Crazy” reflects on a past relationship. As a result, the lyrics tell an all-too relatable story of someone finding their colours changing in response to a person or situation and – while it is toxic – being hypnotised by the heat of an argument which is followed by an equally passionate make up. Will achieves this with a very early 80’s synth, electro sound set against his own understated vocals that actually draw you into the lyrics rather than take them for granted.

Kent based Will released his first EP, “Sand”, in 2019, off the back of his first two releases, “It’s getting Late” and “Trying To Forget Your Name” and which found success on the iTunes chart, breaking the top 40. The album, as yet untitled, is planned for release this Summer and with plenty of space and time to focus his creativity on his own music and sound, Will explore the deeper, darker side to human emotions and also human actions.

He tells us: “Most people will resonate on some level with ‘Crazy’. Despite knowing that someone or something is no good for us, we become addicted to the thrill of the uncertainty and – to some extent – danger. Particularly in relationships, when you are wearing rose-tinted glasses, it becomes difficult to untangle yourself from the toxicity. We’ve been in lockdown for a year now and, in the boredom and loneliness, it can be easy to romanticise a toxic relationship and focus on the excitement of it and ignore the warning signs. The opening lyric for the chorus – ‘I’m not the thing that you made me’ – serves as a reminder that just because we are one way with one person, doesn’t mean that’s a reflection of who we truly are”.

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