Trev Davis

FRESH: ‘Unholy’ – Trev Davis

Trev Davis debuts with “Unholy”

Punk Pop

US newcomer Trev Davis has released his debut track, the punked up pop odyssey, “Unholy”, as he takes his first steps out into the great unknown.

Auburn, Maine based Trev rocks and vents his angst through “Unholy”, blending simple electro vibes and an alt-pop soundtrack with more than a nostalgic hint of Linkin Park.

Trev comes from a strong background in hardcore and pop-punk, but carries over his angsty and melodic songwriting style and provides an edge and a level of depth over an emo-trap inspired beat. The track’s influences touch upon the last 20 or so years of the growth of rap/rock fusion. Trev began writing, producing, and recording as a solo artist the summer of 2020 alongside producer and engineer Desmo.

Having played in bands since an early age, 23yo Trev is now poised to take his own steps on the road out of the ‘unholy’ to greater and more seismic sounds yet to come. “Unholy” lays the groundwork for a promising year for Trev Davis as an artist and we await further releases from him.

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