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FRESH: ‘Revolving Doors’ – Dawn Somek

Dawn Somek is caught in “Revolving Doors”


Israeli pop star Dawn Somek has released her ‘floaty’ brand new single, “Revolving Doors”, her second of 2021, the follow up to “One Day”.

“Revolving Doors” is dreamy, pop-y, catchy track which showcases Dawn’s vocal talents as Dawn invites you to her sad party…albeit with happy vibes!

Through “Revolving Doors”, you will experience a spectrum of emotions and colours of a song about a toxic relationship. Do you know that ״Revolving Doors” person that you just can’t separate from, even though you know that they’re bad for you? She has created a soulful, sometimes funky, often jazzy, but deliciosuly poptastic atmosphere in order to illustrate the complicated experience and invites us all to celebrate and then overcome
our fears together.

Tel Aviv based Dawn made her entrance last year with “Across The Sun” and has since released three more singles. This year Dawn is putting out new music and we are welcome to open the door and come into her world. Hopefully you will relate to Dawn’s songs and find yourself smiling while reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future.

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