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FRESH: ‘Born In The Dark’ – Adam Daniels

Adam Daniels was “Born In The Dark”


Retro pop act Adam Daniels releases his brand new single, “Born In The Dark”, today, his first new music for two years and the lead single from his ‘comeback’ EP, “A Damaged Soul’s Redemption”.

“Born In The Dark” is full of synths and 80’s guitars, enough to fill any drivetime arcade rush and soak up some Summer sun drenched in waves of electro sounds and chords.

Adam makes his return with “A Damaged Soul’s Redemption”, following his 2019 track, “The One” and his debut back in 2015 with “Go Get What You Want”. Adam tells us: “I love all kinds of music, especially artists who write and produce their own songs. I write, produce and sing all original material and since I am majorly influenced by 80s music. I believe it is vitally important for musicians to appreciate and be aware of all genres of music, and you should never shy away from your influences. I absolutely love 70s and 80s music, even though I was born in the 90s!”.

Adam adds about the new EP: “The narrative of the EP encapsulates those who carry emotional baggage on their shoulders. Sometimes we do things, behave in a particular way or hold on to thoughts that we shouldn’t, all of which leads us into a troublesome place, but these songs remind us that there is light in the darkness and aims to spread a message of hope. ‘Born In The Dark’ is a pop rock track that explores someone who’s tainted life experiences causes them to constantly betray their partner, whilst they beg them to stay with them and help them to change”.

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