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FRESH: ‘Peekaboo’ – River Iris

River Iris says “Peekaboo”

Electro Pop

River Iris is an exciting new music project that launched last year with her debut single, “Bet On Your Love”. River offers dream-pop, synths, electronica in her sound.

Her latest offering is the delectable, delicate “Peekaboo”, which is both hard-edged retro synth with electronic beats, while gently cruising on by as if to say “I’m not here”.

“Peekaboo” is a dreamy love story told through a retro futuristic lens. It reveals that a love so neon and technicolor can’t exist without darkness and illustrates the conflict of a feeling that is only sometimes requited. This is another big move by River on the board as she extends herself and her confidence wider each and every time and “Peekaboo” has class with an addictivness to it that should play well.

River was born in Japan and alternated annually between schools in South Carolina and California. She ‘owned’ the microphone in her hand from the age of 2 and followed this with formal voice training that began when she was 11 years old. At UC Berkeley, River received invaluable criticism and more opportunities to expand upon her creative process, learning to adapt, make changes, refine lyrics, and shift direction swiftly. Upon graduating, River was able to backpack to many countries where shelived with locals, learning their cultures, customs, foods, and embracing the beauty of people from Europe to Asia to Australia and performing in local restaurants and bars along the way.

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