FRESH: ‘The Mountain’ – Ping Pong Warrior

Ping Pong Warrior return with “The Mountain”


Will and Matt formed Ping Pong Warrior in 2019 and released their debut EP, “What We Say/What We Do”, that same year. After two years of creativness, the boys are back!

Their first, sensational new dance/instrumental track, “The Mountain”, has just been released, together with an equally electronic visual to accompany the track.

The London based duo wrote the track as a homage to the Glastonbury music festival, of which they were due to perform at in 2020, but didn’t for obvious reasons! Now with plenty of time away from performing, the boys have armed themselves with new material and are looking forward to getting back out there. “The Mountain” is a great song to dance and chill to, without too much intelligence required to understand the song!

The boys told us recently: “We love nothing more than experimenting with vintage synths, drum machines, gee-tars and any other objects we can get our hands on. The sound is electronic, with an injection of disco, rock, pop and psychedelica, creating the Ping Pong sound. Between lockdown restrictions we came together and bounced ideas back and forth, which we then recorded at our home studio. Lyrically we wanted something that would resonate with people and give them a feeling of optimism”.

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