Timothy Ray

REVIEW: ‘Take It In’ – Timothy Ray

Timothy Ray – “Take It In”

Atlanta, GA singer and songwriter Timothy Ray has given a very special present to his wife for their 10th wedding anniversary – his debut album, dedicated to her! Having already released seven tracks over the past year, Tim has now brought them all together plus an additional five new tracks for his very first long player. It’s got a twist of Country Pop as well as modern pop, so this is very easy to ‘take in’ and digest, as well as being a great, uplifting collection of songs to while away the endless hours or with the one you love. The choice is yours!

“Take It In” opens in fine style with Tim’s commitment to his wife with “I’d Do it All Again”, proving his love with a mid-paced guitar based anthem to everyone who has found their perfect partner. Tim is an accomplished guitar player and this manifests itself throughout each song on the album from the opening track to the title track, which follows. It’s got one of those irritatingly catchy choruses that is every bit as brilliant as the opening tune. “Notice” is a slower, deeper, funky pop track with lots of heavy synths to accompany Tim’s deeper vocals, it’s sublime and sexy. Prepare you pop eardrums for the joyous “First Kiss High”, which works on different levels from the rising verses to the electro chorus.

The song ‘creeps’ in and out of inanity as Tim explores every single emotion possible of that always memorable first kiss. Time for a ballad and “I Do (Every Day Forever)” is that love song, one of commitment to his loved one as we all should, with that special one, that every day is forever with ‘the chosen one’. The song uses strings and drums to effect the classic love song with all boxes ticked. “That’s All We Ever Need” is another of those irritating hooks and chorus lines like “Take It In”, simple in creation, minimalistic, but essentially all that’s needed. The song has a gospel feel to it as well, especially as the backing singers dominate much of the latter part of the song. The roaring “Be With You” has a rock-drivetime feel to it, bursting with outdoor energy and soul.

“Be With You” rocks! Full of early 00’s rock/pop vibe a la Enrique Iglesias, both in orchestration and shimmering vocals. A classic, classy track and one of the best on the album…thus far! “Perfect Together” is another candy-kissed pop ditty, that’s slow paced and blessed with Summer spirit, an understated muse if ever there was. Tim keeps the Summer vibes coming with “Dancing In The Kitchen”, memories of times spent, in the kitchen, dancing to Marvin Gaye and getting to know someone you have feelings you don’t quite understand, but it feels so good, just as this song does. Tim has cleverly divided this album in to two halves. The first half, uplifting and vibrant, the second, laid back and soothing. “Old Love” wheels back the gospel, soul vibes from earlier but in a more relaxed and confident manner, in keeping with its surroundings of assured love.

“Something Beautiful” is pretty much “Perfect Together” part two as Tim and his wife create new life together and make a family together to add to that secureness and commitment. The final track is not a song but Tim telling the story behind the album and his dedication, in which we find out that his petname for his wife Rachel is Ray, hence ‘Timothy Ray’. You won’t hear her, but this is an album about her and for her. As I stated to begin with, this is not just an album for Tim and Rachel, it’s an album for all the lovers out there and for those who just love classic pop songs with a great feeling and positive sounds and words to feed off. Every track is a standout on this album as they all just gel together to make one very happy, loving experience. I urge you all to take this in!

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