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FRESH: ‘Everything Is Gonna Be Okay’ – Karina Magallon

Karina Magallon says “Everything Is Gonna Be Okay”


Houston, Texas based singer Karina Magallon has just released her wild and vibrant new single, “Everything Is Gonna Be Okay”, her second new track of 2021.

“Everything Is Gonna Be Okay” blends Latin rhythms and electro-pop vibes to create a song that builds and builds to each pulsing chorus and Karina’s multi-tone vocals.

The song is about coping with anxiety but the emotion of the song is more motivating and inspirational than a sad song. It is meant to motivate others and let people enjoy themselves. A bit like dancing in the rain. The track was created im May 2020 completely remote in the early stages of the pandemic from Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Houston and is not just a dance song but a result of resilience and perseverance through the toughest of times.

Karina tells us that: “My experience with anxiety disorders inspired this song and I wanted to give a message during these difficult times that things do get better as I was able to overcome it to where it no longer took over my life. I know right now more than ever people are likely to experience this so I wanted to give this song as a motivator and a source of hope”.

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