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FRESH: ‘Come Undone’ – Screams From The Sun

Screams From The Sun return with “Come Undone”


Francis and Mimi – Screams From The Sun – are back with a brand new tune, “Come Undone”, the follow up to last years “Keep On Running” and finds them in more retrowave form.

“Come Undone” is a more downtempo retro-synth track than their previous release, which we featured as the two former London street buskers continue to build on the reaction to “Keep On Running”.

The song uses more live instrumentation alongside the synths, with more heavy drumming to add to the drama of the song as well as empassioned vocals and a very definite 80’s sound to it. As the boys move ever further away from the streets where they met, 2021 is already shaping up to be another milestone year for them and the hope that they will be able to play live, when restrictions allow.

SFTS say of the new song: “We don’t like being stuck in a label and for this one, we’ve decided to turn the song into a ballad drawing inspiration from bands such as THE NIGHT GAME, The BAND CAMINO and Joan”. And it’s certainly welcome at this time, although with Summer on the way, let’s hope the dup can reignite the fire they started with “Keep On Running” and release some more chilled beats for us all to savour…

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