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FRESH: ‘Bridget Jones’ – Freddie Wilson

Freddie Wilson watches “Bridget Jones”


You’ve seen the film, now listen to the song! British pop artist Freddie Jones returns after a two year break with his brand new single, “Bridget Jones”!

“Bridget Jones” is about being a young gay man in a predominantly straight surroundings. The song uses US influenced retro pop vibes and a very British indie sound to produce one very hot Summer anthem!

Having made his debut in 2019 with “Bad Baby” and its follow up, “Upgrade”, London based Freddie has spend time writing and reflecting on his own life and he’s worked with a favourite Joe Copplestone aka Lostchild on “Bridget Jones”, who he co-produced the track with!

Freddie tells us of the new single: “I wanted this track to be a feel good, summery banger. I wanted to capture the excitement for a summer of new experiences, dates and chaos. Bridget Jones has always been an icon! The chorus came to me whilst playing around with a synth arpeggiator and I immediately knew I wanted to release it. The song really wrote itself over the course of a week”.

He added: “All my friends are falling in love, talkingabout girls/guys. I very much felt like I didn’t even know any guys to even date. I’m honestly completely hopeless when it comes todating, so I decided to write a song about it. Convincing myself throughout the track that this is fine. Single is the way forward! Good things come to those who wait”. They certainly do Freddie 😉

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