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FRESH: ‘Bitter’ – Michal Leah

Michal Leah is not “Bitter”

Dream Pop

Boston, MA 17 year old singer Michal Leah released her debut single, “For Me”, at the beginning of 2021 and she’s followed it on with the dreamy, yet hard hitting new song, “Bitter”.

And from the lyrics, it’s quite clear that Michal has finished with a relationship, but walks away with her head held high and is far from ‘bitter’ about her experience.

Michal explains: “‘Bitter’ is a really personal song, not just for myself, but for anyone who relates to it. I feel like many of us have been in the situation where we feel played and used, so I decided to put those feelings and emotions in to a song. Sometimes I convince myself that someone has good intentions, when they don’t have the best ones in mind. It’s painful but it happens. I want people to be able to cope and heal through music, I think that can help someone get back on their feet”.

Michal started sharing videos of herself singing on social media in early November 2020 and from there has gained the attention of many. In the past few months Michal has been busy with not only school, but writing music of her own. With plans of releasing lots more this year, Michal is wasting no time. “Bitter” is just the second single of her 6 song EP set to be release by May. Following that Michal has a second EP in the work already and is looking to release a third by the end of the year.

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