FRESH: ‘I’d Never’ – Helen

Helen says, “I’d Never”!


Silver Springs pop artist Helen (Kebede) has just released her second ever single, the seductive and sexy “I’d Never”, the follow up to last years debut, “Hopeless”.

“I’d Never” has a wicked underlying beat and an addictive, rhythmic soundtrack that is carried throughout, supplimented with Helen’s gentle, caressing vocals.

Helen wrote and produced the song in her bedroom, although the quality of the production is A1, you would never think this was DIY pop all done from the same place where Helen sleeps! “I’d Never” is a song about a casual relationship turning into something more, catching feelings for someone that you promised you wouldn’t because the situation wouldn’t allow it.

Helen tells us: “I enjoy listening to songs that make me feel happy especially when I am feeling low; so I have always tried to make music for people to also gain a new joy from even though things might be hard for them. ‘I’d Never’ is a fun and upbeat song perfect for the warmer weather coming up”.

We certainly agree Helen and with a wealth of cover songs already popular on her YouTube channel, Helen is now advancing her own music to a wider audience and that is set to continue into 2021 with “I’d Never” shaping up to be a beach party banger!

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