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FRESH: ‘Autopilot Paradise’ – Lemonade Shoelace

Lemonade Shoelace debuts with “Autopilot Paradise”

Indie Pop, Synth Pop

Lemonade Shoelace is the creation of singer, songwriter and all round nice guy, Ruairi Richman, who hails from Belfast, NI. Ruairi has been beavering away for more than a year and now he is unleashing his fruits upon us!

His opening number is “Autopilot Paradise”, a synth heavy, indie pop number in the very best of British sound and style.

The track also forms the lead single from Lemonade’s upcoming debut EP, which has been written and produced all on his own. “Autopilot Paradise” is a decently long, sometimes psycadelic sounding Brit pop track from the early 90’s with plenty of sounds and hooks to be whisked away with this Summer and ‘lose’ yourself in. The song is an introspective view on a partner cheating on their significant other, waiting for the weekend in order to spend time doing things that he/she wants.

Lemonade/Ruairi is part of The Oh Yeah Centre (Belfast) mentorship and has recently been awarded funding from the Arts Council for his new project. He tells us: “‘Autopilot Paradise’ is written from various perspectives. The term ‘Autopilot Paradise’ represents everybody’s own ‘safe zone’; a blissful state of mind, an exciting activity, a person you spend time with, or a physical place that makes you forget about everything, and simply be in paradise”.

We wish ‘Lemonade Shoelace’ well with this new venture and await more great songs with interest. For now though, dig this awesome, very different and very fresh new sound on the landscape.

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