FRESH: ‘Hold Me Down’ – MKSM

MKSM demands, “Hold Me Down”!

Synth Pop

German pop artist MKSM (Maksim) is no stranger to music, with a catalogue of outstanding synth-pop tracks and EP’s to his name, his newest, “Highs On Lows”, is out today.

The lead single, “Hold Me Down”, is the centrepiece of the new EP and it’s pure retro, synth pop heaven! With a wicked beat, bass and supremly confident lyrics.

The Berlin singer-songwriter and violinist has many identities within himself: as an openly gay late re-settler, he came to Germany to find his language – he stuttered heavily in the past – and to study classical violin to become a pop musician. This is precisely why MKSM as a songwriter repeatedly deals with topics such as acceptance, equality, love, and the search for one’s self.

“Hold Me Down” is about not being afraid to talk about painful truths, to address one’s struggles, be they with alcohol or other dark chapters of life, speaks in his favour. The 80’s sound and style of this track, coupled with a very 21st century production, sees MKSM power into 2021 with a much more mature vision and outlook on where he is going, whilst building on the previous successes since his debut in 2019.

The five track “Highs On Lows” EP features the tracks “Love Always Wins”, “Collide”, “Sirens” and “Be Alright”, all of which deal individually with topics such as coming out and the difficulties that come with it, or simply celebrating yourself regardless of who you love or which gender identity you identify as. The EP is also just pure synth bliss and just right for coming out of a global lockdown and into brighter days ahead.

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