FRESH: ‘Tomorrows Scars’ – GeoVoc

GeoVoc releases “Tomorrows Scars”


Nashville based Daniel Thompson aka GeoVoc has released his latest retro, synthwave track, “Tomorrows Scars”, full of 80’s goodness and perfectly complimenting his other 2021 track, “Maybe”.

“Tomorrows Scars” deals with the fears we can face of life passing quickly and how the world can change so much in such a short time against a backdrop of ‘smashing’ synth sounds.

GeoVoc made a sublime entrance into the world in 2019 with his instrumental track “It’s Too Late”, in true retrowave style. He has followed that with a dozen other tracks and two albums in 2020, “Those Days” and “Behind Closed Doors” – lockdown has been kind to him! His double A sider “1994” and “1995”, features and 80’s take on the 3-bit world of the mid-90’s. His 2021 have seen a departure from his usual instrumental tracks with a vocal performance on both new songs.

“Maybe” saw him collaborate with Canadian artist Remember Whales while “Tomorrows Scars” sees GeoVoc team up with fellow synthwave artist Syst3m Glitch. About “Tomorrows Scars”, GeoVoc adds: “Synthwave culture became so popular due to mono no aware (the aching awareness of impermanence). The 80s seemed to capture that for us and this song deals with that bittersweet feeling of life passing and one trying to soak up life in the day to day”.

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