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FRESH: ‘Wait’ – Mia Grace

Mia Grace returns with “Wait”


Following her amazing debut single, “Stuck“, LA singer Mia Grace finally returns with a follow up, the equally sexy and sultry “Wait”!

“Wait” is a sensual R&B/Pop track, which one again captures Mia’s oh-so-innocent sounding vocal, against a gentle, trippy R&B groove, perfect for those sexy, Summer nights!

Mia comes from chart royalty, with her father Prince Be of PM Dawn and her mother, music mogul Mary Serra. And what a year to break out into the open, the 30th anniversary of her father’s best known hit, “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”, only a few months away! Mia herself has been encouraged by Brandy and Ne-Yo with this track and her confidence and mentoring shines through.

“Wait” also shows just how far Mia has come in just two singles. The track will be featured in the upcoming film, ‘The Matchmaker’ and will, I am sure, lift Mia’s presence even higher. “Stuck” has already been the success it deserves to be, with more than 100,000 streams to date, so look out…and “Wait”!

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