FRESH: ‘Foreign Local’ – Latchy

Latchy releases “Foreign Local”


Singapore based artist Latchy, who we met last year with his “Soda Dream“, releases the follow up, the groovy, funky “Foreign Local”, reflecting on the community where he lives.

As an Australian living ‘abroad’, Latchy (better known as Lachlan Stanley) moved away from his home country to explore and create and the feelings of being somewhere different.

Now amassing quite a solid collection of tunes, Latchy has really invested in this new song in both production and artistry. And it shows. The track features fellow Aussie artists Kyle Goulding (Kilo) on bass, production and mixing from Jack Arentz (Haxx, Kult Kyss) and Klaus ‘Heavyweight’ Hill (Setmo, Paces) on mastering duties. Broadening his fanbase is key to Latchy’s outlook on 2021 and he is looking forward to playing a series of live streamed concerts next month (April).

He tells us: “2020 was a tough yearfor so many people and I think it left a lot of us feeling displaced. Whether it was the pandemic, politics or the way we connected, lots of things became very polarised and it could be confronting to see where people you thought you knew stood on things. At the end of the day the song is about trying to overcome that, see eye to eye and ultimately dancing it off”.

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