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FRESH: ‘Low’ – Gina Royale

Gina Royale feels “Low”

Synth Pop

US singer and songwriter Gina Royale has just released her superb, epic new single, “Low”, her second of 2021 and the follow up to “Lemon Drop”.

“Low” blends synth pop and more than a hint of Country pop to it, but shrouded in drama and sublime production that makes this her most outstanding composition yet.

“Low” has been produced by Rob Freeman, who also plays guitar, while Gina herself plays the piano and keyboards on the track. “Low”, together with “Lemon Drop” and her December song, “Mr Lennon”, about and released on the 40th anniversary of John’s shooting in New York, form a trio of new work from Gina since her debut album, “Yellow”, in 2019 and are a far cry from her debut single, “Heir”, back in 2015.

In the accompanying video shoot for “Low”, an outdoor scene required a barefoot Gina. She cut her foot walking down a dirt path and needed 7 stitches later that evening in an urgent care facility! Who said pop stars do not suffer for their art?! With the courage of a warrior, Gina walked without a limp through the rest of the shoot. There’s suffering and survival for you! Go Gina!

“Low” is a stunning track that becomes addictive from the moment you first hear it and I promise you, this is one new track you will be playing for the year of the year. And if, like me, you have yet to discover Gina Royale herself, then spare an hour or so to catch up with her output so far…

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