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FRESH: ‘Good For Me’ – Daimy Lotus

Daimy Lotus knows what’s “Good For Me”


Rotterdam based singer Daimy Lotus is back with the follow up to last year’s “Focus“, “Good To Me”, a groovy, simplistic pop tune with honest, open lyrics.

“Good For Me” continues to delve into Daimy’s own personal setbacks in life and showcase mental health issues and how music can offer both escapism and healing.

The central theme, self-reflection and personal growth are key elements in her music. With this she hopes to inspire others and to break the taboo around talking about mental health. Daimy has herself overcome a depression and therefore understands dealing with these themes. In contrast to the sometimes ‘heavy-weighted’ lyrics, her sound is cheerful and up lifting.

“Good For Me” is a more resounding paced song that offers the listener something upbeat and in contrast to her previous two singles, “Focus” and “Ok That It’s Not Ok”, both of which took on a more epic, down-tempo pop sound. Daimy completes her trio of self-awareness songs as she shares her own experiences and encourances other to speak out more honestly about their own feelings and emotions. Daimy is an artist to pay attention to, if only for the superb music she is currently writing and releasing. Keep going Daimy!

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