FRESH: ‘Rogue’ – Redd

Redd releases “Rogue”


“Rogue” is young British singer Redd’s first major release without the supremacies of others and with the freedom of her own creativity.

The lyrics draw upon the complexities of efforts between a relationship and how they can hurt so much that you reach a point of fight or flight.

Pain can either hurt you or change you; Rogue intends to galvanize and spark the fight from within and is a female empowerment song laced across a dark electronic anthem that asserts independence; a no eff’s given assault and a calling out on how it feels to be treated in such a way that you no longer care.

Born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire UK, Redd (real name Amy Louise) made her first official appearance in 2010 on ITV’s The X Factor reaching the final 50 contestants at Boot Camp. Redd has since gone on to release many songs around the world with some of the biggest artists, songwriters, and producers globally.

As an accomplished dancer, actress and singer-songwriter, Redd has performed since the age of 9 and has always been considered a triple threat, having performed all over Europe to many different audiences.

Redd is your new favourite colour!

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