FRESH: ‘Talk To Me’ – Andrea

Andrea says “Talk To Me”


Macedonian singer Andrea opened 2021 with a number of remixes of last year’s hit single “I Don’t Know Your Name” and the Country ballad “Woody Guthrie”. Her new single takes her into different territory.

“Talk To Me” is a synth heavy dance track in the best Erasure style and tradition possible. “Talk To Me” rocks! There is something for everyone in this track which is more than a welcome visitor.

Andrea says: “I really wanted to make an escapist song that people can just enjoy, sit back, relax, and dance. The goal behind ‘Talk To Me’ was to create a fresh, modern sound while incorporating some retro synthwave elements. Lyrics like “don’t wanna wait or hold back,don’t wanna lose you out of sight” emphasize the passionate, in-the-moment urges people get when developing an exciting new crush. ‘Talk To Me’ is the break we all need from serious topics. It takes listeners away to the most untroubled, yet lively moments in life”.

In five short months, Andrea’s music has been streamed over 6 million times on Tik-Tok and over 1.3 million on YouTube. From her debut “I Know” to the much reproduced “I Don’t Know Your Name”, Andrea is making a name for herself as she takes her music global. The US style of “Woody Guthrie” sounds like it comes naturally from Nashville while the new “Talk To Me” has its roots set in the very heart of 80’s synthwave music with a modern take and a very distinctive Euro sound to it. 2021 is certainly the year that Andrea will push her music to the masses and she’s going the right way with “Talk To Me”. More, please!

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