Tassia Zappia

FRESH: ‘You Don’t Want Me’ – Tassia Zappia

Tassia Zappia debuts with “You Don’t Want Me”


Melbourne singer and songwriter Tassia Zappia introduces herself with the debut single and music video for “You Don’t Want Me”

With a combination of throwback reverence and fresh and fiery energy, Tassia immediately asserts herself as an artist to watch.

Tassia Zappia, Italian born in Melbourne, doesn’t gloss over the little things in her music. She approaches her lyrics with a keen eye for detail only amplified by her show-stopping delivery, outsized vocal flare, and free spirit. Listening to the Australian singer and songwriter can feel like being in the room right next to her during some momentous turning point.

In 2019, she took a trip to Los Angeles for a music camp that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Instead, it “felt like Fyre Fest” but she ended up with her first break, nevertheless. After performing her original composition “When I Was Four” during a visit from chart-topping songwriter Heidi Rojas, she left the audience in tears. Rojas asked for Tassia’s phone number, and they met for coffee a few days later. The following day Heidi took Tassia to a session with Lauren Christy, formerly of The Matrix and this led to Tassia signing a development deal with Heidi and Lauren’s production company.

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