FRESH: ‘Winter Road’ – Polyna

Polyna takes the “Winter Road”


LA based pop star Polyna has just released her first original material for two years with her striking and powerful new single, “Winter Road”.

The singer and songwriter, originally born in Siberia, has been creating extraordinary songs since her debut in 2016 with “Tiger”.

Now with “Winter Road”, she explodes with confidence and class with this first taster of her upcoming debut album, a collection of Arctic, frosted art-pop with emotional and sometimes dramatic intimacy. Polyna says of this new project: “On first play the album might sound entirely modern, but listen again and you will notice the gentle presence of Siberian throat singers, of gypsy influences, and of ice players –percussionists who literally play the frozen waters of Lake Baikal as if it were an instrument itself. But this is no folk record”.

The album, as yet untitled, is produced by Jonas Quant (Hurts, No Doubt) and has been engineered and mixed by multiple Grammy winning Phil Tan in Atlanta (Rihanna, Calvin Harris). Polyna’s celebrated 2018 single “Complicated” has undergone many remixes in recent years, while last year, she performed vocals on a very credible version of Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” with DJ and producer DIMIX. “Winter Road” has enough energy to become really big this year whilst keeping all our hearts just that little bit icy cold of her homeland.

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