FRESH: ‘Break My Heart’ – THOMASINA

THOMASINA returns with “Break My Heart”


New York based singer THOMASINA has released her lush new pop single, “Break My Heart”, her first new material since 2019’s “Jump”.

The song is a taste of her upcoming 6-track EP, “I Wrote It All Down”, coming this Summer and is bathed with cute, breathless vocals and infectious candy bops.

The song is about self-sabotaging a really good thing. Even though we all want stability in love at the end of the day, there’s a part of you that thrives off the dysfunction. THOMASINA says about the song: “I wrote ‘Break My Heart’ when I was going through a tough spot in a relationship. The problem was not the relationship. Everything was great, we both were totally invested. The problem was me. People come with LOTS of baggage and that’s what makes us really really cool, but when we are not honest with ourselves, we start to project it onto the relationship”.

Since making her debut in 2018 with “You Don’t Deserve This”, THOMASINA has taken her time to create and find her direction and “Break My Heart” will lead the way into this new chapter as she aims higher and higher. With each song on the new EP, she aims to push the bounds of innovative production and emotional lyricism to create sonic perfection. THOMASINA is ready to be the future of pop. The question is, are you ready for it?!

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