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FRESH: ‘Even If I’m Right’ – The Super Late Night

The Super Late Night is back with “Even If I’m Right”

Electro Pop

Manchester’s finest, The Super Late Night is back with a brand new single, following last year’s spunky “Mess“! This time Louis (aka TSLN) shows his emotional side.

“Even If I’m Right” is an electro-pop ballad that has its routes in the early-mid 80’s. Ever seen the film ‘Hackers’? This song could so easily have been on the soundtrack!

The song showcases Louis’ vocal talents against a backdrop of a modern pop production and candid lyrical sentiments. Or as Louis calls it “an innovative, electro-infused take on the humble emo ballad”. The Super Late Night is now ‘collecting’ an impressive store of songs since last year’s debut, “Honey”, each one with its own story and an individual style to the next.

TSLN says of his new single: “’Even If I’m Right’ is one of the realest, straight from the heart pieces of music I’ve ever written, it takes me to a very significant moment in my life. It’s about fighting with loved ones, stubbornness, and the grey area between solutions, conclusions and compromises. The hook is purposefully tongue-in-cheek because that space exists for everyone, but overall it’s about choosing to be empathetic over being correct”.

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