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FRESH: ‘In/Out’ – Marcus Charles

Marcus Charles is both “In/Out”

R&B Pop

New York based singer and songwriter Marcus Charles has an impressive back catalogue already dating back to 2017. His second new track of 2021, “In/Out”, has just been released.

The subtle, down-tempo Pop-Soul-R&B track is the follow up to “Tuesday” and see’s Marcus ‘work’ a smooth and inoffensive groove as he continues to produce sturdy and classy tunes.

Releasing both is debut album (“On A Hill, In The Trees”) and single (“Justice”) in 2017, Marcus Charles is already building a solid fanbase and following of his musical talents and songs with healthy streaming figures as well as social media gathering.

He says of “In/Out”: “The hook came to me while I was driving on another night of feeling low about my art. I’m continuously IN and OUT of my head wondering if I’m doing things right. I picked up my friend Lite and went to my house, the studio. I started playing these chords around the lyrics and I’m already doubting them, about to scrap it to find something “better”. But Lite was loving the direction so I decided to go with the flow and stick with the initial idea, to stick with what just came to me. A week passes, the song is finished, and I feel like this is the most authentic song I’ve ever made. Because of how it came to be, ‘In/Out’ is a reminder not to overthink and to believe in what comes naturally. I’ve worked too hard to doubt myself. I already am everything I want to be and I want everybody who listen to Marcus Charles to feel the same way about themselves”.

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