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FRESH: ‘Wherever You Go’ – Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox releases “Wherever You Go”


Singer, songwriter and musician, Lola Lennox has released her latest single, “Wherever You Go”, which is produced by Braeden Wright and Mum, Annie!

It follows Lola’s previous singles “Back At Wrong” and “La La Love Me”, which entered the Top 10 of the UK Radio Airplay Charts and was most played record on Radio 2 in January!

“Wherever You Go” – written by Lola alongside Andy Stochansky and Hailey Collier – showcases her powerful voice and aptitude for songwriting. Inspired by Lola’s own experience of moving far from home and embarking on a life elsewhere while managing long distance relationships with those she loves, “Wherever You Go” is a reminder that despite the challenges of feeling isolated, we can all feel connected if we use a little imagination.

The accompanying music video for “Wherever You Go” is directed by Emmy-nominated and award winning South African director Natalie Johns (Sam Smith, Annie Lennox, Theophilus London) and choreographed by Sadie Wilking. Juxtaposing the wide, open scenery of Point Mugu and Mulholland Drive and the LA city by night, it follows Lola and her friends as they embark on a road trip through the day and into the night, to dance amidst a concrete jungle of sprawling traffic and city lights, and watch the sunrise from the ocean’s edge, where dawn breaks against the blue and grey hues of waves and sky.

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