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FRESH: ‘Put Back The Light’ – Natalie Madigan

Natalie Madigan wants to “Put Back The Light”


Nashville based pop artist Natalie Madigan has already released three tracks in 2021 and now she’s following up with a fourth, the effortlessly cool “Put Back The Light”.

The song was recorded in her home studio and is produced by Cody Lavallee and is a deeply catchy electro number with heartfelt lyrics and some serious bass.

Natalie tells us of the song: “This was the first song I wrote during lockdown in 2020. I finally had space to think and feel and just be with myself. It was my time to soak in and heal from everything I had experienced the year before, and get my mental health back in check. So the song is actually me talking to all my struggles, and telling them (and myself) that I’m in control of my reality/I’m choosing to grow from the bad instead of sink into it. I want this song to be a self love anthem and reminder that you CAN come out of the darkness and put the light back!”.

natalie has been rather busy since her 2019 debut with “Anyone”, pumping out a number of tracks culminating in her debut album, “What It’s Like To Be Known”, last year. Since then she’s offered up “Empath”, “Sleep Like A Baby” and “To The Moon” as new single and with the stirring “Put Back The Light”, Natalie really turns up the volume to make 2021 the year she gets noticed and heard!

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