FRESH: ‘Oughta Know’ – Esmae

Esmae debuts with “Oughta Know”


British singer Esmae is breaking out into the open with her debut single “Oughta Know” as she embarks on a new career with a solid start.

“Oughta Know” is a slinky pop number with a great beat and groove to it which showcases the Teeside based singers strong and confident vocal performance.

It’s that old story of a one-sided relationship, once again, told from the perspective of someone who ‘oughta know’ better. Has she learned? Has anyone ever learned? Hear what Esmae has to say about it… Having written her first song aged 16, an unexpected life journey and career success else where meant she was unable to pursue her musical path. Nonetheless music kept on calling. Even though it has taken several twists and turns of life to lead her back to it and – as with all her former pursuits – she is now immersing herself fully.

Beginning in 2019 with posting demos on Soundcloud, Esmae found that people wanted to hear her recordings and that in turn lead to her recording videos for her YouTube channel, which again met with approval. Fast forward to “Oughta Know”, the lead single from Esmae’s upcoming 5-track EP, “Do Better”, and a world waiting to hear more of what Esmae can deliver. As she herself says: “I really believe there wouldn’t be the same substance to my lyrics if I hadn’t of had the life experiences I’ve had. I really believe that I’m right where I need to be now and I’m excited to see what the future holds”.

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