FRESH: ‘Sapphire’ – HIRO

HIRO debuts with “Sapphire”

Synth Pop

HIRO is the new music moniker of US singer, songwriter and producer Jairo Becerra. The San Bernardino, California based artist launches himself with “Sapphire”.

Creating music with an aim to unite people from around the world and share his message of love and expressing individuality, HIRO’s world is both electronic and visual.

“Sapphire” is a sublime synth-electro pop number with its roots set in the Tron world of the early 80’s but with a fresh and futuristic sound of 2021 and possibly a time yet to happen. HIRO himself says “‘Sapphire’ is a song about finding a special love. A romance that makes the world seem as though it’s standing still and nothing else exists except the touch of a warm embrace and the thrill of a passionate kiss. It’s the love that’s one in a million.

“So no more hesitation. We’ll have the world tonight, just you and I…”

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