FRESH: ‘Lotus’ – Mutchy

Mutchy releases dance track “Lotus”


UK schoolteacher turned DJ and producer, Mutchy has just released his second tune of 2021, the uptempo, dancefloor filler, “Lotus”.

The follow up to January’s “Kookaburra”, “Lotus” sees Mutchy fill the room with transcient vibes and a powerful beat as the petals of his lotus flower open wide.

After years of performing and recording as the drummer in the band Exile Parade, Mutchy turned to his passion of dance music. He says: “I’ve had the experience of working with Florence and the Machine, Courteeners and The Libertines. We provided the soundtrack for two films and two series on Netflix, as well as record with the producer Owen Morris”.

“Lotus” is a track which represents how difficult times can have a good ending. The song will be a welcome this Summer to club fans and should play well on those hot Summer days and nights. Although, it nearly didn’t happen! Gary adds: “The dog accidently deleted the first mix when he jumped onto my laptop. I thought I lost everything!”. Bad dog!

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