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FRESH: ‘Revelation’ – Tom Tom Park

Tom Tom Park debuts with “Revelation”

Retro Pop

Utrecht based songwriter and producer Steef launches his music career under the name of Tom Tom Park and he does so with his amazing 80’s pop banger, “Revelation”.

Taking us right back to 1987, Tom Tom Park really taps into the culture of mid-late 80’s retro synth and pop music for our first taste of what Steef has to offer.

Tom Tom Park is currently working on his debut EP and “Revelation” is the lead single together with a number of mixes already available. Things have moved very quickly for Steef over the past twelve months. As he tells us: I wrote and produced ‘Revelation’ last summer, and it got instant attention by a lot of small record labels who wanted to sign. decided to keep developing my own sound (and not to give this song away too easily)”.

“Revelation” deals with a guy breaking up with his lover, being no longer love-dazed and mesmerised by it all. Sad, but all to true and an occurrance that we have all been through (are you writing from personal experience Tom Tom?!). But with Tom Tom Park’s glorious ‘heritage’ production the let down feels that much more gentle and uplifting. This will be a song to please all lovers of modern pop as well as those sounds those of us around remember from the best decade in music(!)

Tom Tom Park adds that he is all about sparkly songs that lift you up and make you dream away on the dancefloor that could either be in your own home or on a sunnybeach. As there is no rhythm in life without music. We agree and can’t wait to hear more from this exciting new artist. You rock, Tom Tom Park!

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