Raymond Revel

REVIEW: ‘The Living Room’ – Raymond Revel

Raymond Revel – “The Living Room”

Texan singer Raymond Revel has just released his debut mini album, “The Living Room”, having been part of the music scene for the past seven years and releasing countless standalone singles. 2021 has already seen him debut the tracks “200,000 Miles” and “Alive”, now Raymond adds a further eight new tracks to that tally and as Raymond himself observes “‘The Living Room’ may be my most important project to me so far, and I think in this album I am truly bringing something ‘new’ to the table”. Raymond is an accomplished pianist as well as a songwriter and singer and delivers all these talents with the opening number, “I Met A Voice”.

“I Met A Voice” is semi-autobiographical but also looks out on the world given the events of the past twelve months and looks to the future. The line “life is beautiful, life is short” have never rung more true in 2021 and Raymond encourages us all to take advantage of what time there is as well as focussing on those around us. The blissful music continues with “Something Good”, an ode to individual thoughts and mindset. There is always something good in life if you can see past the fog. Raymond’s voice is so sweet and at times innocent as he looks out on the world with his simply yet so obvious lyrics. “Counting Clouds” is just dreamy and melts like mallow in your eardrum. Wistful and to the point and like the big puffy clouds in the sky, this song does all that is needed to calm, relax and sooth. Something you realise this album has been created to do just that.

Raymond’s prophetic vocals and words extend to “Walls”, a great song if you are feeling boxed in or trapped. This offers hope and escape from situations we often find ourselves in but there is a way out and a route to better times. Raymond keeps you lifted off the ground with “Mr. Shadow”, a really joyous number that will I am sure play so well to us all. It’s one of those cute songs full of self appreciation, written by us all, for us all, to us all. Ahhhh. Raymond takes his first look about love and relationships with “Sirena”, charting the story of meeting a young lady at the dance and then with each encounter finding this is someone very special indeed, a boat trip to somewhere only two can go… There’s something cinematic about the opening of the next track, “Mason”. with a gentle breeze of strings, the song follows the progress of a young boy called “Mason” as he takes his first steps and looks out to a new world, the places he can go and the adventures that can be had.

All too soon Raymond closes this first full collection of song with “Dear Future Me” as Raymond himself looks back on his own life, his achievements and the path for his own life and career to take as yet unwritten. In many ways this brings the whole album full circle from where we came in, autobiographical, having used his precious time wisely and constructively. So far Raymond has certainly done that with a body of work to be proud of and to share with us all. And that body of work now takes in his first full album of material, it may all sound the same but there are stories and messages for us all here. If anything, use this album to take five from life, for those times when it all becomes too much or just on those days where you can afford not to do anything. Take to the sofa, allows the piano keys and the words to enter you mind and fill your soul with new life and new ideas. Raymond Revel’s music extends far beyond the living room.

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