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FRESH: ‘Dance The Night Away’ – The Awkward feat. Cheri Addo

The Awkward just wanna “Dance The Night Away”

Synth Pop

Dutch band The Awkward have teamed up with fellow singer Cheri Addo for their latest release of 2021, “Dance The Night Away”, another slice of synth pop joy.

The boys – Sen, Brian, Rashid and George – have been really busy this year with four tracks coming out so far on top of their debut songs from last year.

“Dance The Night Away” is an up-tempo disco-song, combining 70’s inspired disco sound with a modern indie-pop twist. With a great beat and happy vocals, repeating the songs message again and again, “Dance The Night Away” is one of many new tracks that The Awkward have laid down for their upcoming debut album, which has been in the works for twelve months now, and with a new song coming every month, it looks like this will be a packed album, thanks primarily to lockdown, which has allowed the band to focus on songwriting and recording.

The band tell us: “It all started with the funky bassline that flows into a catchy, energetic chorus that makes you want to pick up your roller skates and Dance the Night Away! We featured Cheri Addo on this track, who has an amazing soul voice that goes well with the disco theme. The music video for this song is all about roller skating. Dancing is guaranteed!”. Get your skates on then…!

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