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FRESH: ‘Tron Takes The Train’ – Vix 20

Vix 20 release “Tron Takes The Train”

Synthwave, Dance

Norfolk, UK band Vix 20 have moved, “temporarily”, into electro synthwave and dance for their latest track, “Tron Takes The Train”, blending 90’s dance with early 80’s breakout synth sounds.

The four piece, who formed four years ago and debuted in 2018 with “Digital Age”, take us on a 2-bit journey back in time with this retro dance track.

You can hear Depeche Mode, Erasure and so many other influences in this often repeatitive dance track which also echoes late 90’s Paul Van Dyk for the entire length of the ‘train’. Originally released early in 2020 on Goosewing Music, “Tron Takes The Train” returns this time on Hottwerk, and with remixed by Allan McIntyre straps in for an 8 minute hi-NRG workout, upping the tempo and maximising the wild 80s dancefloor abandon.

The song started life at Brockley towers with band member CJ’s synth collection and thanks to a small twist of fate was heard by the creative team at Never Pixels. It certainly is a departure from their normal output, their earlier 2021 release, “Broken Melody”, which sees the band using conventional instruments and vocals for this soft rock number, the perfect follow up to last year’s “Try Again”. What will they try next…?(!)

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