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FRESH: ‘Curious’ – Sam Wills

Sam Wills gets “Curious”


“Curious” is the new single from UK based multi-instrumentalist Sam Wills. The song preceeds the release of his debut album, “Breathe”, in June.

It follows the news that Sam has racked up over 100 million streams on Spotify. “Breathe” has been meticulously crafted over the last year and is much anticipated.

The last 18 months have seen Sam release a steady stream of singles in support of the new album which come off the back of two earlier EP’s, “So Bright” in 2016 and “Walking Underwater” in 2018, host and perform in his own pre-Covid monthly live session at Brighton’s Green Door Store and find fans in everyone from DJ Target and Jamz Supanova to Trevor Nelson, Huw Stevens, Jamie Cullum and Julie Adenuga.

“Curious” is a gorgeous, soulful, pop number with a great groove to it tied in with Sam’s understated vocals as he charts meeting someone special and dedicating himself to that person. He’s not running away from anything, this is where he wants to be. “Curious” is his first new track to come in 2021 and follows up last years sexy ballad “Turn Back” and the funky R&B/Soul classic “Undercover”. Sam is ever moving upwards with each new release, so watch out Mr. Timberlake, there’s a new kid on the block!

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