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FRESH: ‘More Love’ – Natasha Ghosh

Natasha Ghosh wants “More Love”


Netherlands based pop singer Natasha Ghosh releases her third new single of 2021, “More Love”, today, the follow up to “Paradise”.

The cool and low-key pop number centres on Natasha’s vocals against a mid-tempo, earthy bop which reflects on a relationship going nowhere, one which requires ‘more love’.

Natasha, a multi talented ukulele player, teacher turned self-supporting singer/songwriter says of her new song: “In that way, ‘More Love’ is a bittersweet track. There is something wrong, but there is hope to fix it. The lines of the catchy chorus can be used by for example influencers on TikTok, but the whole song can be enjoyed thoroughly! Love, doubts, admiration and flaws, every human has those and by speaking up about it in my music, I hope that my music relates to many people and can make them feel heard”.

Having made her debut last year with “Deep Into My Eyes” and spending time writing and recording in lockdown, Natasha has a collection of new songs for us to enjoy. That began with her soulful track “Hold Me” at the beginning of 2021. “More Love” sees Natasha team up with Japanese artist Terrence Pledger aka Cybeat and the experience has been so enjoyable, she feels they will work more together in the future. “I feel like we still have a lot to discover together”, she adds. “We’re keen on releasing a lot of new music into the work from this year onwards!”.

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