FRESH: ‘Wednesday’ – Sadgittariass

Sadgittariass debuts with “Wednesday”

Electro Pop

UK singer Sadgittariass has chosen a Friday to debut her debut single, “Wednesday”! The Birmingham based artist’s slinky first outing is actually quite good.

After dedicating time to work out exactly who she wanted to become as an artist and the sound she wanted to put out, the ‘proud sagittarian’ is ready to unleash her wares!

“Wednesday” is a love song set to an electro-R&B backing track as the lyrics tell the story of rekindling an old, stop and start romance. Not too heavy, not too sexy and not too in-your-face, “Wednesday” is a new beginning for Sadgittariass with hopes of more to come and a bright new future.

As she tells us: “I felt the name “SADGITTARIASS” would perfectly represent my identity and enable me to stand out to my audience. Growing up listening to Pop has drastically shaped me as an artist, taking inspiration from figures such as Hannah Montana to Charli XCX”. Sounding very different from those two artists, “Wednesday” is 21st century pop loud and clear!

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