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FRESH: ‘What You Wanted’ – Serena Sun

Serena Sun asks “What You Wanted”

Synth Pop

Canadian singer Serena Sun unleashes her gorgeous, synth heavy new song, “What You Wanted”, her second release of 2021 and the follow up to “Panic Attacks”.

Of Canadian-Chinese heritage, Serena knows how to write and produce a deeply electro-synth track with poignant vocalisations to accompany the sluggish and sublime beat.

“What You Wanted” addresses the doubt people may experience immediately following a breakup. Questions like, “Could it have worked out?” or “What could I have done differently?” inspired this track. Although the lyrics come from a vulnerable experience, the upbeat, synth pop production is meant to get listeners dancing and celebrating while overcoming heartbreak.

Serena explains: “I would have loved to stay friends with the ex I’m talking about inthis song, but the way the aftermath of the breakup played out and how it felt like he was keeping me around as a safety net for himself, made it impossible for me. A healthy relationship is built on a foundation of ongoing mutual love and support; looking back now, I see that we were together for selfish reasons. We each served a purpose for one another at the time, and when that purpose was no longer needed, we didn’t need each other”.

Having debuted in 2019 with “IDK How To Stop”, Serena spends time wisely creating and crafting each individual song until she is 110% satisfied that it is ready to be heard. Her breathtaking 2020 release “Something More” is testiment to this philosophy as is her earlier single, “Release Me”, once again pushing as many words and emotions into every line and verse coupled with a soundtrack that makes you stop and pay attention and consider that this is one outstanding artist yet to be noticed by a global audience. “What You Wanted” is a big step out into that wider world with both confidence and style.

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