FRESH: ‘Suspicious Behavior’ – Zaryah

Zaryah notes “Suspicious Behavior”


Rising LA based pop princess Zaryah enters 2021 witnessing “Suspicious Behavior” with her stunning, haunting and powerful new single.

Illustrating the crippling suspicion of betrayal in a romantic relationship, the production and energy in this brand new recording are all top class, as is Zaryah’s understated vocal.

“Suspicious Behavior” captures the growing suspense within the storyline through vocal performance, melodies and production. The song is, by Zaryah’s own admission, a homage to the iconic James Bond title songs, and you know what, you can hear that so true (producer please take note for future reference!). “Suspicious Behavior” is produced by Chapters and written by Vanessa Lux and Simon Jay.

The song is the first single from Zaryah’s upcoming EP, “What U Want Is Mine”, a collection of songs about female empowerment and owning your sexuality. It will follow on from Zaryah’s debut album, “Fallen Angel”, which was released last year and featured the earlier singles, “Wasted” and “Invite”. Zaryah herself made her entrance in 2019 with a series of tracks including “Too Bad”, “Physically Can’t” and “Foolish Love”. With each new corner turned, this young lady is turning heads and ears towards her music and her potential as a big recording artist. Now, how about Bond26?(!)

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