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FRESH: ‘Sleep Deprived’ – Maddy Storm

Maddy Storm is “Sleep Deprived”

Electro Pop

Once again, UK singer Maddy Storm surprises with her brand new single, “Sleep Deprived”, containing everything a global hit should have.

A great voice, valuable lyrics and a catchy arrangement. The listener will certainly appreciate this as Maddy strengthens her position following last year’s debut.

Over-the-top pop artist and producer Maddy Storm blurs the boundary between electro pop and something undefinably grittier with “Sleep Deprived”. This sad-pop-bop, produced in her bedroom, sees her airing her dirty laundry in public – questioning self-worth and relatability.

Having broken free in early 2020 with “Dizzying Heights”, Maddy then tempted us with a “Surrealist Dinner Party” as she proceeds to makes music that invades the mind and beds itself into the memory. This creatively ambitious 21st century soundtrack – where nothing is fixed in place and rough-edged textures shift beneath deceptively persuasive melodies- is suitably space age.

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