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FRESH: ‘She Is’ – Sean Jones

Sean Jones says “She Is”…


Canadian artist Sean Jones has just released his brand new single, “She Is”, hot off the back of last year’s debut release, “Love Will”.

“She Is” a superb mid-tempo pop track with Sean’s soulful vocal caressing the 90’s beat and fit to bursting with Summer vibes to both hot things up and chill you right back.

“She Is” and “Love Will” are both tasters of Sean’s debut album, “Weekend Lover”, coming later this year as the Toronto based artist establishes himself on his own sound and merit. Produced by Murray Daigle, the new album is a homage to a time when Kriss Kross and Bobby Brown ruled the airwaves, 90’s based but with 2021 production, tapping into the market of those who remember the days as well as capturing many new hearts with his looks and moves as Sean vies for global acclaim and fame.

Sean edict is very simple: “There are so many negative things happening in this world right now. But there is also a lot of inspiring work coming from very talented and amazing people. We can never lose sight of that and give in to the darkness. I’ve always felt that my gift was given to me to shine a bright light. I’m going to continue to do just that the best way I know how and I’m looking forward to putting smiles on some faces and love in some hearts”.

SJ is coming at ya, so be ready!

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