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FRESH: ‘Free Again’ – High Hyena

High Hyena releases “Free Again”


UK based producer High Hyena has just released his first new tune of 2021, “Free Again”, in collaboration with duo Diamond Lounge.

It’s a great early 90’s sounding dance track with uplifting vocals and that tell tale keyboard backed soundtrack that we all know and recognise from those early years of club classics.

High Hyena – Dean Robinson with regular partner Aaron de Luca – has only been releasing tracks commercially since the beginning of last year but already has six superb hard, heavy club anthems to his name including the deep house track “Believe” and the trippy “What I See”. “Free Again” brings in US duo Diamond Lounge, who are better know for their 80’s influenced dance tracks such as the awesome “Dark Disco” (check it out).

“Free Again” tells the story of a longing to be free. Drawing from a memory of a time not too long ago where we could go out and dance together without a care in the world. A song to make people feel good about themselves. To feel happy and free. To live life in the moment. High Hyena say the song came to him in “May 2020. Full lockdown in the UK. Sitting in the kitchen. Looking out of the window in the middle of a heatwave. Just remembering what it’s like to be in the moment. At the party. Without a care in the world”.

Now, everybody’s free, to feel good!

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