FRESH: ‘Hit That Vibe’ – AirDrop feat. Samantha Tiller

AirDrop says “Hit That Vibe”!

Funk Pop/Dance

French producer Aaron De Luca of Diamond Lounge has been working at his side project AirDrop for just over a year. His latest release is the funky pop/dance track, “Hit That Vibe”.

The track is his second of 2021, following in the footsteps of “Equinox” and this time features the vocals of SAM lead singer, Samantha Tiller.

“Hit That Vibe” is an upbeat and funktastic pop/dance track that sounds big band but is in reality synths and programming while Sam’s vocals are encouraging and move to towards the dance floor to enjoy the vibe and move to it.

AirDrop is a synth driven electro-multi genre project based in Paris with no limits: the only goal is to explore new musical horizons! Aaron says of “Hit That Vibe” that he is simply “Trying to get the good groove! It’s just a fun song. Hang around have fun and dance”. That we will!

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