FRESH: ‘Sunshine (Down To The Soles Of My Shoes)’ – Certain

Certain debut with “Sunshine (Down To The Soles Of My Shoes)”


Wolverhampton collective Certain have made their debut along with singer Taylor Stylez for the indie-pop anthem “Sunshine (Down To The Soles Of My Shoes)”!

The song is an eclectic mix of indie guitars and positive vocals for this often-sounding early 90’s Primal Scream style of tune and home spun and well played instrumentation.

The song is accompanied by the ultimate coming-out-of-lockdown video, courtesy of star animator, Dan Crew. Penned by Algar/Nicholas, the Certain project also has a story to tell. Production stardust is supplied by the legendary Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Ocean Colour Scene, The Twang) at the Magic Garden studio.

“Sunshine (Down To The Soles Of My Shoes)” is THE perfect antidote to lockdown gloom. So let’s finally kick off 2021 with something that leaves us feeling sunshine, with something that’s ‘Certain’! We hope this plays well and Certain get to perform this live as it would sound so good at festivals (when they can happen of course!).

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