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FRESH: ‘Better’ – Britton Buchanan

Britton Buchanan offers something “Better”


LA based singer and songwriter Britton Buchanan is a name well known in The States when he came runner up in the 2018 series of The Voice.

Britton launched his solo career off the back of that and made his debut in 2020 with the single, “Cross My Mind” and followed that with five more in quick succession.

Now armed with lots of new material, Britton is poised to launch his debut album in two months time and it begins with his uplifting and superbly produced song, “Better”. It’s got that feel good factor with Summer vibes and a damn catchy chorus that just screams at us all to be and feel ‘better’. Better about live and living and better about ourselves at what we have come through together and what we have yet to do.

Britton has already put out three tracks this year, “I Hate The Way I Love You”, “Can’t Help Myself” and “Last Time For Everything” and now “Better” joins the quartet to offer an insight into what the as yet untitled album will sound like. Britton reached No.15 on the US Digital songs chart with his Voice final performance of “Where You Come From” and has achieved streaming figures in the 000,000’s. Now he wants the wider world to know of his music and what better way to start than with “Better”. Add it to your playlists this Summer and I promise you this will be one that goes on repeat more than once!

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